• Best rug pads for Persian and Oriental Rug Sale in Vancouver

    Posted on January 24, 2018 by in Persian and Oriental Rug Sale Vancouver

    It is to be noted that the Persian and oriental rugs can last a lifetime if the rug pad is durable. A rug pad will prolong the longevity of any Persian and oriental carpet. It also protects the floors and your family. Since Persian and the oriental carpets are handmade, the back consists of knots. These particular knots should be protected with quality pad.

    What to if the rugs slide :

    If the rugs tend to slide, then the best pad for your Persian and Oriental rug sale in Vancouver is recycled jute. At the same time it a solid rubber combined rug pad. The recycled jute surface is slightly being textured to hold up the carpet. The solid rubber bottom on the other hand is patterned to drip it up in the floor.

    The rug pad is thick and dense making the rug gain extra durability :

    One important element of this of this rug pad is that, it is really thick and dense enough to protect the back of all the Persian and oriental rugs. As the rug is walked on, the pressure from each step pushes down against the pile of the rug. This in turn pushes the knots of the rug against the hard floor. With the thick padding, the particular pad will act as a bridge and then it will protect the knots of the respective carpet.

    The knots actually keep the hand knotted rugs at a cluster :

    The knots actually keep the hand knotted rugs at a cluster. The pad is approximately ¼ of an inch thick. Another great rug pad for Persian and Oriental rug sale in Vancouver are the ones being used with rugs that really do not have a slipping issue. These rugs that are 8 X10 have furniture anchoring them.

    Rug pad comprises 100% recycled jute :

    This particular rug pad is generally comprised of 100% recycled jute that has a needle punch. There are various quality weights of this jute and the best is a 40 ounce weight. It means the pad is very dense. This is what the hand knotted rugs need in order to protect the back of the rug. You are also entitled to find this recycled jute rug pad for Persian and oriental rugs. It allows you to remain comfortable.

    The pad makes the rug free from mold and mildew :

    The particular possession will surely be free from mold long with mildew. The rug pad is just less than a ½ inch thick. There arek no such solid means that the back of hand knotted carpets are completely protected. This type of pad is better for machines made carpet or rugs that do have a backing with no knots.

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